B.E.S.T. The Bolivian Experimental Site for Testing Piles


A large number of soil tests were carried out in order to study the pile type feasibility on site, and to establish empirical correlations from non-ordinary test results (such as, DMT, Pressuremeter test, geophysical tests) towards pile design matters.

Foreach single pile, four differentstatic loading tests were carried out:
CPTu, SCPTu Piezocone tests, in some cases Seismic piezocone tests.
SDMT: Seismic Dilatometer of Marchetti tests.
SPT-T: Standard Penetration Tests with measurement of the Energy transferred and Torque measurement.
DPSH-T: Dynamic Penetration Super Heavy test with Torque measurement.

In addition, geophysical tests were carried outcomprising  MASW and REMI in order to obtain shear wave velocity (Vs) profiles.

In summary, extensive geotechnical information of high quality and precision was compiled, to be used for pile design practices.


Updated 12/05/2017